What is Love?

Have you ever thought about what it means to be loving, or how to show love? What is love? At Olive Retreat we make you think. There are no right answers, just your answers. Everyone challenges their own thinking, to understand what love is for them. It is a very interesting exercise. Try it! When we do it, it tends to become totally silent, everyone thinks. Many can’t figure it out by thinking of a lover. They realize that judging, jealousy, controlling, wanting to change them…is not loving, but equally part of a relationship. For some it’s easier to think about their children, their parents, or their dog.


Questions arise, like what is caring? Can caring for someone be saying: No! What is helping? Can helping someone be saying no because you don’t think it’s a good idea, even if they really want it? Or is love helping someone in what they really want, and not what you want? Is it loving to not be present? Or to not communicate? Love is often confused due to conventions, with the opposite of love, and in a relationship there are both sides, both love and non-love. The question is how we can peel away the non-love and stay in more love?

So what are the components  of Love for you? When you know this, the question is are you loving to yourself? Where in a relationship do you come to the point where you are not loving to yourself anymore, when you think you need to sacrifice and try harder. By not being loving to yourself, it allows your loved one to not be loving to you, and therefore not to him or herself. Love is a self generating energy, the more loving you are to others and yourself, the more is created. The same applies to the opposite energies. One of the hardest things for us to see, is when a relationship reaches a point of more non-love than love.

It amazing to see that love is all the same, the same energy, as if it is expressed towards a stranger or to a lover or a child. It is only differentiated by the degrees of the energy, which is shown in different ways, like affection. The affection you could express to a lover, a child, or a stranger is totally different, but it is still affection. Think about a kiss. How many ways are there to kiss? But it is always a kiss.

We want to be loving. Our human life force, Prana, is love. How can we be just that, loving,  free from convention and the infamous thought of ”that’s how it has always been”. Wow! Talk about detox! Through the poor means of a screen, we want to show you a bit of love tomorrow. We want to give you a small gift: to celebrate a loving Valentine’s Day. To love ourselves is being loving to others. How we are creates us, and our future.

heart people we become our actions

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