What is Healthy to Drink?

What we drink is more important than what many think so, I’ll make a break from all the February Love-blogs today. Instead I’ll answer the questions you sent us on what is healthy to drink. The answer is: Water. Yes, that’s nothing new. Water is still the most healthy drink and what we consist of up to 80%, depending on how much of your body weight that consists of fat. Water is the transport for nutrients, for energy vibrations, for detoxed substances, etc. Water is spiritual, we simply can’t survive without it. If you don’t like it, try to like it, in any way. Spice it up with citruses, mint, cinnamon, ginger…anything that might work for you. To simply start drinking water instead of other stuff, is detoxing. Vegan, raw food of course gives you a lot of water too. Some need a lot, some less.

Breathing Reminder Cartoon

The market has been bombarded with new ‘water drinks’ but be carful, as most of them contain sweeteners, aromas, coloring and other substances that shouldn’t be in our bodies. Many milk substitutes too unfortunately. It’s cheaper and better to make your own milk in a mixer adding pure water, rice, almonds, or what ever you want to make the milk of, and some vanilla powder. If you need to sweeten it use cold honey or agave sirup. Mix it well and drain it. Use the fiber with some coconut fat for a cake crust, topped with fruit – a healthy dessert 🙂

There is a hype for coconut water. That’s great, but why not drink it from the coconut directly. Why do they have to process it? It is already packaged in the best possible way in nature. As soon as it comes in contact with air it’s, like everything else, going to be oxidized and thus the decline in its healthy properties begins. I loved to see that in London you could bye whole coconuts just like in Asia.



Fizzy drinks or sodas are never healthy. Never! It doesn’t matter what it says on the label, light, low calorie, Zero, whatever, it is one of the most unhealthy things we put in our mouths. Many countries that have seen a boom in obesity is due to the fact that they have become a fizzy drink nation and not a water drinking nation as before. Spain is a good example. You rarely see any water on the dinner table anymore. When I was a kid we only had water, and on rare occasions we could share a Trinaranjus or a Gaseosa. It’s one of the downsides of becoming  a ‘rich’ nation, they copy the American way of eating and drinking. Spain is now the country with the fastest growing weight problem amongst children under 12 in the EU countries.

Cocoa drinks are good if you make them yourself. If you buy them mixed, you probably get 50% sugar or sweeteners added to the cocoa, so don’t go there. I could never recommend that as healthy.  I do my own hot chocolate with a high quality, good cocoa, a bit of water, a dash of vanilla powder and a non dairy milk. If you need to sweeten it use honey, agave or stevia.

Here in Southern Spain we are lucky to be able to pick our own fruit and make juices, as we did a few days ago. The fresher the fruit the better. If you buy fruit juices in the supermarkets it is often made from ‘concentrate’ which is nothing else then a cover up for 50% sugar or more, and other atrocities you don’t want. The best way to preserve a fruit is not in a box. It is to let it hang on the tree.

IMG_5719 IMG_5722

IMG_5721 IMG_5739

Tomorrow I’ll talk about our most loved drinks; coffee, tea and of course wine.

Enjoy your Sunday. Here it is pouring down rain and I just had very bad news, so I’ll just try not to think too much today and let the hours pass, watch movies, and hope for sunshine tomorrow.

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