What is Your Direction?

The tricky part is to find out what you really want. It’s only when the ego (the thinking mind), formed by learning and conventions, is peeled off that you find what you intuitively feel and want. The best way I know to find out is to simply feel in a moment of a ‘peeled’ state of mind. Trust your self, it will tell you through your intuition or your gut feeling. The sanskrit word for meditation is ‘to be free of measurement’. It is to open up to whatever comes to you without labeling it, nor yourself. It is not judgmental. It is unconventional.

Explore, open up to change, and feel if you get good energizing feelings, or bad ones. If you regularly allow yourself a silent centering moment, like in meditation, (by sitting down during your walk in the woods or doing yoga) those signals from your self will be clearer throughout the whole day. In order to explore yourself and find out what is really good for you, you have to open up to change, because things will always change, on a cellular level and in the universe, change never stops (more on change in yesterdays blog).

I had goals and plans. All inherited from parents, society and conventions. Things we are supposed to do (and very much supposed to buy). But then life happened, that I didn’t plan. My life plans became obsolete in a second with a phone call from a doctor. All those years of planing and for what? Today I don’t make plans, I only choose a direction. I try not to see any goals, or figure out how. I believe my mind is far too limited to see all the options. Instead I try to feel what would give me the most peaceful and happy direction. What feels right! If I know my direction it’s easy to know what to do in hectic moments.

My direction is to be kind and love. To all and everything, to myself and others. Partly because it’s healthy. Partly because it is the most beautiful decoration of the life I’m living. To stay in the right direction I need to do my practice, the one we teach at Olive. If I can be just that, kind and loving, more today than yesterday, more tomorrow than today, I’m content. This direction took me to places I could never have figured out by making plans and goals. It took me to Olive Retreat. It took me to friends. To more love I knew I could feel. To all our fantastic clients and work-partners.

Thank you!


best things are free

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