Choose a Direction but Don’t Limit Yourself With a Goal

To fight and resist will only cause frustration. That frustration is a strong energy, keeping you from whatever you want, big or small. Stop trying. Resistance never works, it is a physical law. No matter how much power you have the resistance will causine a friction that will only exhaust you. In ‘chakra terminology’ it is said that you block the energy flow, and that is not healthy. Some things we can change, and by doing so we get energized and feel good. Some we just can’t as we are stuck in a behavior or a circumstance and we don’t see optional solutions.

When we stop trying, when we let go, things flow. It is like if you stop paddling upstream in a river. Let go of the oars and things start to flow. When we accept circumstances, people or ourselves, that we tried to change for so long, we feel relieved and free. It can be scary, but it’s the only way. Even with disease. It is not giving up, it is doing it in another way. It’s not changing what you want, it is only accepting that the way you tried is not working, and you open up to find other ways that you couldn’t even imagine before.

It’s choosing a direction but not the goal. That’s when you can have a change. That’s when you embrace the problem. The problem is also the solution. If you want to loose weight, your food is your solution. If you are afraid of being alone, being alone is your solution. If you are afraid of being poor, being poor is your solution. Stop trying, and life will flow.

On a bigger scale, in society, the change will not come by fighting the existing, but by building a new model. Then the old model will be obsolete. If you want to stop pollution don’t buy things you don’t really need.  If you don’t like violence, refuse to see violent movies, news and read violent books. Start with yourself, and the rest will come. To be conscious is human. It is what makes us have a choice. Conscious consumer power is a strong force.

If you want to love and be loved, don’t focus on a certain person, just be loving and kind to everyone, and stop trying to convince someone to love you. The universe will send you that someone, maybe someone your mind couldn’t even imagine. If you find out what you really want, your inner you, you can only choose a direction, but do yourself a favour and don’t make a goal. Our imagination is far to limited to what we’ve learnt and experienced to see the whole picture. Embrace change. 


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