Weight-loss is So Much More Than Just Losing Weight

When we are overweight we are imbalanced. The body seeks homeostasis, or equilibrium in all its systems. Being overweight is a clear sign that something has to be done. If we don’t listen to our needs it is sooner or later shown in our mass form, the body, but it always starts out on an energy level. It can take a very long time for some people to get a manifestation, and not so long for some depending on their personality and metabolism, so called Dosha in Ayurveda.

When we are imbalanced, whether it is shown through disease, sleeping problems, pain, stress, fatigue or being overweight, we’ve naturally had signals from ourselves long before these issues have been manifested. The problem comes when we ignore them, most of the time because we don’t understand or we are told ‘it’s normal’. Today ‘normal’ is over weight in most rich countries. Companies like HM have changed their sizes so that a 38 is what a 40 was only 15 years ago, the airlines plan their weight and balance differently and need more fuel than only 10 years ago, etc. Health issues that arise from being overweight, like pain and CVD, we are told is something we just have to live with, that it comes with age. It’s not true!

We think it is normal, but if we look at pictures from the seventies we think they are all so thin. What changed is the norm. As we see mostly over weight people around us today, we think it is ‘normal’ and don’t understand that it is actually harmful on all levels, mostly on the energetic level. The body can very well be fit and healthy with about 10% off from a balanced weight. But the energy levels go down. The mind suffers first and it is not only because of all the billboards that tell us we should look differently.

In the fatty tissue we find many substances on a biochemical level that enhances inflammation. That makes us more prone to disease. But before health issues manifests we feel it. To have high markers for inflammation is like having a biochemical stress in the body, making us more sensitive, more carful, more afraid and less creative and productive. It is logical if we remember that our bodies were formed for a total different life in nature. If we have a biochemistry that enhances disease we are not supposed to feel energetic, social and happy. We are supposed to heal. The only way out is what we call a ‘non-inflammatory lifestyle’ 

This is why when we lose weight our energy comes back. We feel more creative and productive, have more hopes and dreams. It is no doubt that losing those extra kg’s is so much more than looking good. The body will always try to balance itself. It is very forgiving and our best friend. It wants to lose those extra kg’s. A weight we put on for 20 years can be lost in a few weeks. A disease that we have had from treating ourselves bad for 10 years can be healed in a year. We will feel it on all levels.

We have heard so many beautiful testimonials from clients that when they lost weigh, even just a few kg’s, the energy comes back. They felt not only more beautiful but more so, they felt brave. Things start to function better, they feel energetic and creative and things are sorted out in life that they before didn’t have the energy to do. Life gets easier, like there is less friction. Maybe you have experienced that feeling as well? This is not only because of the kg’s we’ve lost, but it is also because we get healthier. It’s because your inflammation goes down. The bad circle is broken, and it’s a win-win.

It’s a well known fact that inflammation is the cause of most diseases. You can find a lot of articles in media and in scientific publications. To help your body with a ‘non-inflammatory lifestyle’ is obvious when wanting to be healthy  (I don’t mean taking anti-inflammatory medication!). Tomorrow I will show you what we regard as the best way to loose weight. Believe me it is not by fasting or diets. It’s much easier than that.

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