Why is it So Taboo?

Love making – why is it such a taboo? It is so natural, as eating or sleeping. It was nothing to be ashamed of in many ancient societies. There are even texts in ancient religions and traditions about it. For some reason it has been made into a ‘bad thing’: a taboo.  I don’t know any society where it is not an issue. Nothing has created so much hate, judgment, power struggles, and even wars, as love and love making. People and societies want to control it, enforce it, forbid it. As men are the norm it is also hugely connected to controlling the female body and sexuality. I think you can measure the greatness of a society by how they treat their women.

We always ask at our Olive Retreats what it is to be healthy. How we love and make love is part of that health. It tells us a lot about ourselves. How much we are in contact with our body, our self. If we want to be healthy we need to get to know ourselves and what feels good and healthy in the long term. Why, with whom and how we want to love and make love is one of many things we must find out and respect. It can be such a concentrated act of connection. It can say so much about how we feel, love and respect; where we are on our health path.

Just as we would stuff our stomachs with unhealthy food, stuff our brains with violent books and movies, or useless news, we can also stuff ourselves with draining sex; just because others do, or we think we should. This does not give Prana. What is giving you energy or stealing it is entirely up to you.

If I may dare to recommend anything in this aspect, it is to respect the act. Respect the person you make love to, respect yourself, understand and respect your desires. To be healthy is to know and do what makes us feel good and healthy in the long run. Quick fixes never work. Few things are as healing as mindful love making with the souls, the body being the tool for communication in-between the souls. It’s a fantastic detox biochemically too. But few things are as unhealthy when it is not wanted. 


Why do we have this hang up with sex? Does it always have to do with the women body and her sexuality? Maybe. This TED-video by a researcher that studies sex in islamic countries has some very good points. The controlling, judging and illusions are everywhere, in all societies.  TED- a little told tale of sex and sensuality

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