Learn and There Is No Secret



We all have our reasons to become more healthy. Any reason, even no reason, is good enough to become more healthy. Even better if you can offer what you learn to others. For me it was a knowledge I wanted for my husband and children too. In both Bettinas and my case it was, as for many people, a long journey ending in a final slap in the face – disease.

When there is no choice but to climb up, when there is only one alternative to disease, it is like ‘a force’ kicks in.  A life force, the ‘I-want-to-live force’. This force is called Prana. Everything that is done to enhance Prana gives you a better mind and body health. Of all that we learnt through many sciences, philosophies and evidence based trials, we put it together to fit a busy, modern lifestyle. We don’t expect people to change jobs, move out of the city or do radical changes. It is perfectly possible to be healthy, live a non-acid and non-inflammatory lifestyle anyway.

Check out our retreat dates on the web site http://www.oliveretreat.com or join a workshop, the next one being in Marbella 11-13th of February.

We would love to see you!

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