The Bigger Picture



This weekend we hiked up la Concha, the highest mountain (1300 m)  in the Marbella area.  It’s so beautiful, so majestic, so hugely vast. Up there, from the top, I feel so small, so insignificant. In a good sense. It’s so relieving. At least for me it is a good feeling, like seeing the big picture. Imagine being an astronaut or a astro physicist, seeing the planets, the stars, the universe, every working day before going home to empty the mail box with the bills. Imagine seeing your life in a 137 billion year perspective. All the problems just seem so small.



Africa with its Atlas mountains is seen across the sea. Sierra Nevada 200 km away shines with its snow on the top. After walking for about 4 hours, mostly in silence, a bit of climbing in concentration, a bit of danger, mindfulness in every step, I feel detoxed. It clears my mind. Works my muscles. Energy. Prana.


We sat down on the highest mountaintop, did Pranayamas breathing in the fresh air, meditated. Time was irrelevant. I felt the healing nature of the scenery. I feel so grateful, thanks!


Back down by the embracing woods at el Refugio de Juanar, by the olive groves where they were harvesting (now is the time to buy the freshly pressed olive oil, loaded with vitamin E), I wondered why I don’t do this more often? If I did, would it still be as detoxing every time? This mediative 5 hour hike, gives birth to the deepest thoughts and conversations afterwards. Silence is the source of creativity for sure. But the conversation and communication is the productive outcome of it. Let me know if you want me to take you up there.



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