Food is Important But it’s Not All

Thanks for all your questions from yesterdays blog. It’s great to get feed back, so that I get a chance to clarify. Basically, what I mean is that we all have to start questioning what we want with becoming more healthy. Many want quick fixes to correct their health. We rather spend time taking care of our money and things than ourselves. That’s ok, if it is a conscious choice. But normally it isn’t. It’s very conventional. Taught in schools and by our society. We realize we do this when we get ill, but that’s another blog.

If we decide to become more healthy, for what ever reason, we often think we can do a quick fix, like when repairing a car. Normally the focus is on food; ”Just give me a menu to stick to!” But it doesn’t work that way. If being over-weight is the problem, it doesn’t work either. Food is important, but relationships, exercise, work, sleep, senses, meditation, thinking, feeling, environment…are too. Being over-weight is just another sign of imbalance, a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle that might not have to do with what you eat.

It would be a huge mistake to think that if you just stick to a menu, or only put raw vegetables in your mouth, that you are healthy and can stay away from diseases. There is much more to being healthy than what you eat but when we ask people about health 9/10 would say it is about food.

I have met many fanatic people that eat what I would say is healthy food but I don’t see them as very healthy. They might be frustrated, they fear, doubt and judge others, patronize or separate people into us and them. That’s unhealthy and unhappy to me. To live after dogmas instead of knowing and following their needs is sooner or later unhealthy, and definitely not loving.  If we can’t stop inner struggles, we are not healthy. Healthy is being at peace and compassionate with others and one self. It’s about being effortlessly healthy. No must, should or have to. No frustration.

That’s why diets never work. Sooner or later we go back to what we ate before and most diets lead to more kg’s and unhealthy living. There is a vast body of science proving that diets never work in the long run. See the excellent series by BBC on youtube called, The Men Who Made Us Thin, and you will understand.

There is no ‘one fits all’Get to know and respect your body and mind. It’s about self-love. Care for yourself, as you would your child! The only way to become healthier is when it becomes a lifestyle. So forget diets, or periods of struggling just to go back to unhealthy habits after. They only work if they can kick start you into new lifestyle habits.

If there is any mantra coming from us it is: use knowledge to get to know what your body & mind needs, and love and respect yourself to do so. If you can’t find or trust your needs, and/or if you can’t care for yourself, that’s where you have to start your health journey. Food is an excellent barometer to start studying your needs. We normally eat 3 times a day. That gives us many opportunities to instantly feel what is good for us and not. Try different things, but always within the natural and clean food (tomorrow I’ll explain what I mean with this).

While you try to find out what food is good for you, we recommend you to meditate, do yoga or other exercises that make you more aware of your needs. We need a still and focused daily moment for that, or we will never hear our body and mind signals and just keep on running after what experts tell us to do on billboards and TVs. That’s when we get stuck in the so called ego, the intellectual thinking. Like the fanatics and the ones that give up and go back to eating at McDonalds because it is so boring and pointless after a while.

Only your body knows what is healthy and not. No experts can know better than you. There is no ‘pharmacy’ better than your body to produce the biochemistry it needs. Trust it! Science evolves, and what is healthy today might be bad tomorrow. We know a lot about our bodies but we still know very, very little. Every day some scientist finds a new molecule or function that lead to new recommendations.

That’s why our only sensible way to eat is as natural as possible and within that, find out what is good for you. There are simple methods to do that, and that’s what we teach. We evolved and adapted to thrive with nature over the 137 billion years. I believe nature, and our body being part of it, knows best.

Back to food. The biggest benefit with a detox like I’m doing over 3 months right now, a retreat or a period of focus and learning, is that you start feeling what you need to feel good and at peace, i.e. to get Prana. Only then can you with the basic knowledge  (in this case on what is natural food), know what you need. It can change over the years, with the season, with your environment, etc. I do at least one ‘feeling in’ and detox a year.

The three basic recommendations we give at Olive Retreat concerning food are;

1. Eat food, not toxins  

2. Eat mostly vegan  

3. Eat in the right way

I’ll explain what we mean with these recommendations over the coming days. Please continue with your questions. I love the feedback. Thanks 🙂


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