Meditation: the quick fix

It’s easy! Everyone can do it. Meditation (from meditari in Latin) means reflect upon. It’s simply to give yourself attention and presence. To listen to yourself and to be there for yourself. What can be more loving than that?

So forget everything you heard about shutting your thoughts out. It usually just leads to self judgment and frustration. Meditation is only to reflect upon everything that comes to you in a calm, caring and mindful moment. If it is a thought, or your body is telling you something like a little pain or itching, you just focus on it or let it pass. You observe it, and release it. Let it pass. You can deal with it later. Meditation is the time to ’empty’ the thoughts, but it’s only possible when you first accept the thoughts that are there.

Like everything it is easier the more you practice. The deeper you go into your relaxed state the quicker the health benefits come. That’s when your brain produces the rejuvenating alfa waves as when we sleep deeply. Meditation can be done anywhere anytime, while eating, on the subway, walking or before going to sleep.

It’s easier to focus when you close your eyes and relax your body. The best meditation is when you quickly get into ‘the zone’. For most of us it’s when we sit in a calm place on the floor (or chair) wiht the back straight. That’s why the lotus pose is the best meditation pose but if you can’t sit in it, just grab a chair.

1) Chose a calm place and sit with the back free and straight without leaning if you can.

2) Close your eyes, breath deeply three times, holding the air in for a moment. Relax.

3) Zoom in, let the thoughts come, or feel your body, be with yourself, don’t judge yourself, just reflect upon it without getting involved in a chat with yourself. Let them pass, until you don’t have any more thoughts.

meditating dog

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