Today I Start a 3 Months Body and Mind Detox

Yesterday I wrote about how I lost trust and faith. I know perfectly why. It doesn’t happen often to me, but I know why when it happens – I haven’t been healthy! I have travelled for 3 weeks over Christmas, stayed with 6 different families, and I have let some of my daily routines go, like meditation. It was also the day I had to say goodbye to my youngest daughter to go back to school. Separations are always difficult and stressful for me.

Was the travelling worth it? Absolutely! All the beautiful people I met, all I learnt and saw, it’s been a great learning experience. But now it’s time to reflect, to get back to my routines and a more focused detox over 3 months. It is Kapha time, winter, perfect for all homey and inward energies.

Today I’m back to my food (more on that later) and to the most basic of all detoxes, for body and mind; breathing exercises: Pranayamas and meditation. It’s quick and easy. It prevents stress and simultaneously releases the already accumulated stress. Regular meditation leads to peace, happiness and fulfillment. There is no way I can be healthy, be productive and get the other coming detoxes done if I don’t get started with meditation and Pranayamas.

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