It’s Not the Power of Now But the Power of Change

Call it evolution, a change that is more an adaptation then an intelligence. Symbolically this fantastic street art, the John Lennon Wall in Prague, is exactly like being healthy. It all begun with the murder of John Lennon and has since then evolved, changed, every day into something beautiful. A girl explained that she walks past it daily and she says it is never the same and is constantly changing. But the message is clear, you find it in big and in small; Love & Peace.

20140111-082701.jpgChange is the fundamental state in universe. On a cellular or astral level it changes, evolves to take a new position, form, structure. Whatever we do to ourselves will be part of the new. When we start a new habit it will affect our form. It will take some time but then it will make and structure the form, the slower moving mass.

20140111-083126.jpgLike this wall the ‘cell memory’ is following the new cell to form it. Since 1980, when John Lennon was killed, it has given us the same message. New people have changed it by painting and writing over the older, but the message stays the same, like an energy. In the same way we can change this energy, our vibration, or call it our cell memory.

20140111-083544.jpgLike our cells change every day and we are in form totally new in about 7 years when even our bones have regenerated new cells, we still have a main message, a cell memory passed on to the new form. Otherwise we would not have chronic diseases. But we do. We are not only a 3D form. We are energy, vibrations too, just another form of the same, like everything in nature takes different forms; solid, liquid and gas. So the question is, how can we change the main message, how can we make it stay the same, no matter who passes, just like the Lennon wall.

20140111-085635.jpgThis is where we can get the huge health benefits. Just like the painters and writers, that respect the main message, that don’t write on another wall or destroy the main message of Love & Peace. If we could respect our main message, we would also change in form, evolve and adapt to our environment, but with the same main message, vibration, energy. Just like the wall, it was hard at first. The few brave that gathered to start painting broke the law. It was illegal to gather in groups. It was illegal to paint. But they did. They changed the energy and now it is so strong, so clear, that it changes the form. Just as it changed us when looked at it and invited us to write on it.


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