Conscious Consuming Gives Prana

Prana in Indian medicine, called Qi in Chinese medicine, Pneuma in Ancient Greek medicine, is all an ‘energy’ translated to ‘the breath of life’. It is the life vitality that describes how we feel. All practice that gives us more Prana is Pranayama, and it is an important part in all Yoga but seldom used. At Olive Retreat it is a fundamental part of the Ashtanga Yoga that we teach. One good way of getting Prana is to understand and then do all that makes us healthy, and it’s you that decides what that is for you. It is not only about the physical body, like eating and exercise, it is also about what we do and how we use the mind. The mind is a tool given to us just as our bodies are. It gives us a clear message when we abuse it and it will be giving us less Prana when we do. Then we feel low, bad, less energized. That’s when we have neglected our needs of being honest, generous, kind or healthy to others or ourselves.

One way of getting more Prana is to do what is morally good. It’s like a guru described to me once:
‘If you decorate your home nicely you feel better. In the same way, if you decorate your life nicely you feel good, you get more Prana, and that is healthy. This is the meaning of Karma, it’s here and now.’
So if you think it’s important to take care of our earth, or be non-violent in all forms, or to be kind, you have to stand for it in any way you see possible. I want to stop GMO crops, so I don’t buy them. I want to stop the cruelty to the animals, so I don’t eat them. I want to change the political parties but keep the right to vote, so I vote blank. I want to get rid of publicity or crap news on my email, so I don’t click on it. I want Earth to be cleaner, so I don’t buy my 17th T-shirt (it takes 100 liters of fresh water to produce one T-shirt, and a lot of fresh air). I want to stop violence, so I don’t read a book about murder or play a video game killing people. This is being a mindful and conscious consumer, speaking our most common world language; the language of market economy. It’s the only communication that the companies understand, they are only here to give us what we buy. It is not about what you can afford, it’s about what you really need. If you want to get more Prana, make your own vibrations (energy) by telling them through how you consume!


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