Everything is Vibrations; We Are Too

“This entire universe is nothing but vibrations. It is all made up of waves, vibrations, and energy. When your vibrations do not match with the vibrations of others you call it negative, and when your vibrations match with other vibrations, it is harmonious and you call it bliss. When your energy becomes such that it becomes universal, then whatever the outer circumstances may be, you remain oblivious to it”
This is a quote based on the Yoga Sutras, by Patanjali. It’s also described in Ayurveda and the fundamental view in its practice to be healthy.
If we understand that we are like antennas, sending and receiving vibrations all the time, we take more responsibility for ourselves and others. We get energy from all kinds of environments and objects. Few things produce as strong vibrations as people. We have all experienced how some people and environments really bring us down and some make us relaxed and happy. Be careful with what energies you send out. Ask yourself if the words you are about to say will send good energies or a bad ones. It is not about the ‘truth’, because there are as many truths, or experiences and opinions, as people asked and they all depend on inherited moral values.

I believe everything can be said but it depends on how and when you say it. So when you get angry, don’t scream it, take a break, breath and come back and say what you need to say in a calm and honest way, without judgment. Say it in a constructive and productive way. If it is not possible to say it in a constructive way to get something better out of saying it, then it is probably not worth saying.
Now, if you do get off the tracks, don’t get stuck in being angry with yourself either. Just observe and learn. The only thing to do is to quickly excuse your behavior, without trying to reason it or blame the other person for causing your anger. Don’t stay in the disappointment you feel in yourself, don’t over excuse yourself either, don’t beat yourself up. Accept your faults, and that you are human. We all react in ways that stop communication; anger, silence, self pity, self judgment, judgement of others… just try not to do it as much, try to catch yourself earlier next time and most importantly, reflect upon what you needed to say and see if it is something that is really important to say or not.


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