Why is Wheat So Bad?

This is a question we often get. The answer I give is that over the years most people, not to say all, notice a positive difference in their health when they stop eating it. That’s enough of a reason for me to recommend a wheat-free diet. But if this is not convincing for you, there are so many allergies and intolerances towards it that science and statistics speak for themselves. I guess one of the reasons why we can’t tolerate wheat today is that it is so genetically manipulated that it is not wheat any more. We wanted a puffy, starchy white bread, so farmers started modifying the wheat about 200 years ago, creating a grain that has nothing to do with the original wheat grain that nature created. Compare it with Kamut that the ancient Egyptians ate, or Dinkel and Spelt. They are hard and dark. After the war the real genetic manipulation started (in the name of stopping starvation. Hallelujah!) and created a hybrid seed that is weak and an easy target in nature. Therefore it needs loads of pesticides. So it could very well be that the combination of high starch (sugar) and pesticides, and probably something else, is the cause of the damage in our intestines. I have great respect for the 137 billion years of evolution and slow development of cohabitation in between our bodies and food. Not all new is bad, cooking for example is one of the greatest inventions for our survival, but some of it has been really bad for us. I believe we are seeing signs of other modern genetic manipulation harming us too, like soy, now creating its own pesticide killing crops around it (and us) too. More and more show intolerance for soy too.

The latest book on the theme is Wheat Belly by William Davis (MD). It has gotten rather beaten up in a lot of reviews, but I haven’t found any real good ones, which is just a proof on how ‘holy’ our loved bread is. Now, I would have enjoyed better scientific sources and more focus on the good substitutes for wheat instead of how bad it is, but he is a cardiologist so I guess it goes with the profession.
Try a total wheat free diet for a good 10 days. Notice if your mood, digestion, joints, skin, kidneys, immune system, etc, gets better and some of the irritations and pain goes away. Then you know. Still want your bread? Me too, I love bread, so make our Olive Retreat Bread (recipe in previous blog post).20140104-085732.jpg

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