“To be, is to do”; Let 2014 Be the Start of Doing

It’s easy to put too much faith in the power of the mind in todays society where our new religion is called ‘Science’. Thereby, we often get stuck in what is said by scientists, doctors and other experts. What to eat is a good example. We are the only animal that needs experts to tell us what to eat, we rely more on the ‘experts’ than on our bodies. At Olive we recommend to use the mind as the fantastic tool it is; use the knowledge we have about what food is and what is not food (70% is not in supermarkets today!) and when eating, feel what is good for you, what is giving you vitality (Prana or Qi) and what is not. The act of ‘feeling’ can only be done when we are calm. Even in a busy and noisy environment, like at a packed restaurant at noon on Oxford Street. It can be done by just closing off the outer world and putting your attention on what you are doing. This is meditation, mindfulness, or what ever you want to call it.

To rely on opinions is limiting the potential humans have in experiencing the essence of life, as it can be experienced only in feeling and not in words. The mind is our best tool, but also our worst limitation. We see it so clearly in people from all walks and talks. They switch from theory to theory, but haven’t tried to ask themselves and much less rely on themselves. Then we lack self knowledge and/or self respect and it’s not very loving towards our self, rather it is a punishment towards ourselves I would say.

It is an exhausting strategy for life. What was ‘right’ yesterday is ‘wrong’ today since science is always evolving. Based on what we knew yesterday we know more today and less than tomorrow. The same goes for convention and culture. If you are at a social gathering just because ‘you should be’, ask yourself if it is doing you any good or if you should get out of there.It is said that if you can speak the Tao, you do not know the Tao; to only speak the Word, you do not know the Word. Life in its purest form can only be felt and experienced, never rationalized. Give yourself the gift of doing in 2014!

“To be, is to do” – Socrates

Happy New Year with Love from the Olive Team!


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