At Olive we base many of our teachings on Ayurveda, part of the ancient Vedic texts that led to some vastly used medicine, religions and philosophies of today. Ayurveda is a philosophy and is a very pragmatic recommendation on how to live healthy in both body and mind. They described everything in theuniverse as having a sort of ‘energy’ or a better word today would be force, or vibration, just as quantum physics prove to us today. These ‘forces’ have opposites, like magnetic forces.

Love has two opposites, like a triangle, love-hate-fear. These form the base energy in all of us. We all have this one energy form, they are not described as bad or good, just as a fact, as biology or physics. When we understand this, we can use the ‘negative’ feelings for something good. We can accept our feelings and pop out of them quickly. When anger creates a NGO, that is a fantastic feeling, a force to create a loving action. Then anger, quickly felt, pops over to be love, the opposite of the same energy. Try it, observe your anger or fear, understand why you have it and transform it into a loving action, towards others or yourself.
‘If there is love, then there is no fear, and if there is fear then there is no love. See, fear, love and hatred are all made up of the same energy. When there is hatred in a person, he is not afraid of anything. When there is deep love in a person, then also there is no fear. It is one energy that manifests in these three forms – love, hatred and fear.’ – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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