Most Of Us Have Overeaten This Holiday

If you want to stop overeating (which most of us do during Christmas, don’t we?) this article could be helpful. It’s probably nothing new to you but it’s always interesting and comforting to read studies that prove what we ‘already know’. Most studies show that this will most probably stop an unhealthy eating habit:
1) Eat healthy food, propped with nutrition/GI. That is, non-processed, whole foods, as nature produced it. As much vegetarian or vegan as you can.
2) Eat mindfully. Eat only when you are hungry, in a calm environment, take a few deep breaths to calm down before you start eating. Feel, smell and taste the food, and of course eat slowly, so that you can feel if the food is doing you any good, and feel when you are comfortably full to stop eating.
It’s the only way you can eat in a healthy way and there is noting more detoxing in the long run. You balance your weight, and it gives you Prana, life energy and vitality. This article will tell you more about this.

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