Make This Holiday a Healthy One

Make this holiday a healthy one! Let it bring you joy and peace, and not the usual holiday stress. If you are loving to the people around you, your holiday will be healthy and energizing for you… Yes, that’s all! Be loving. Did you think we were going to tell you to exercise and be sensible around the Christmas puddings and toddies?

No, what we want to say is that nothing is as healing as being loving to others. Nothing! It’s pure bio-chemistry, stress hormones go down and happy hormones up. Christmas is a perfect time to practice being loving. Even to the ones we usually try to sit as far away from at the Christmas table. Take it as a study of yourself, as if you were taking a course on being loving. Notice the feelings and thoughts you get by doing this; observe-release. And remember, it always starts with putting your mind into feeling gratitude. If we can feel grateful, we can also be loving. It is just a matter of practice!




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